Bhaktapur is one of the UNESCO heritage site from Nepal, which is an evidence about the ancient history of Nepal and also about the typical life of special community of people in Nepal, who call themselves as Newari community. Newer people are believed as the most ancient community of people among all other communities in Nepal, this special community have been practicing different kinds of handcarts arts from very ancient time. Visiting the old city of Bhaktapur, visitors can experience typical live hood, ancient scriptures of Hindu gods and goddess designed in wood and also on stones.

As the place is a big platform and taken as the old city, visitors can also experience the ancient King’s palace and look in to the cultural sites and also some ancient religious temples built on pagoda style dating from late 13th and 14th centuries built by stones and wood. The place is a big combination to experience the Nepalese history, culture, religion and also the handicraft arts designed on wood, stone and also on gold.


Experience the oldest community of Nepal

Walk around the ancient city of Nepal

Look into the ancient arts and scriptures

Experience the old palace fromĀ  the time of king